Youth Protection

In following with Youth Protection guidelines developed by Boy Scouts of America, we are responsible for showing a video titled It Happened to Me to our pack on an annual basis. 


Parents are encouraged to view the video prior to the pack presentation, so that you are aware of the content and better prepared for the discussion questions.  If you are unable to view the video online, the pack has a DVD that can be checked out.


Child sexual abuse is so prevalent in American society that one in seven boys might be sexually abused before reaching adulthood; the percentage of sexually abused girls is even greater. To respond to this growing social problem, the Boy Scouts of America has developed comprehensive Youth Protection training, which addresses the problem of child abuse and, at the same time, helps Scouting continue to provide a wholesome environment and meet high standards of leadership for our youth members.


Boy Scouts of America has produced a video titled It Happened to Me educate Cub Scout–age boys about child sexual abuse and the Four Rules for Personal Safety: (1) Check first. (2) Go with a parent or friend. (3) It’s your body. (4) Tell.  The video presents common situations in which sexual abuse might occur and encourages discussion of each of the Four Rules of Personal Safety. The content of the video has been reviewed by professionals who are knowledgeable about child abuse and child development. The experts who reviewed it found it suitable for viewing by children as young as 6 years old.


Child abuse professionals unanimously agree that open communication between parents and children is vital to preventing child abuse, and while this video is useful as a source of basic information, your son might want to discuss it with you.  Your viewing of this video will help provide a common point of reference for subsequent conversations you and your son might have on this topic.
The video takes approximately 25 minutes to view all 5 segments.  Please use the links below to watch It Happened to Me and view the discussion guide included on this site.  This is the same video and discussion guide that will be used during the annual pack presentation. 
Part 2 "Go With a Friend" -
Part 3 "It's Your Body and You Can Say NO!" -
Part 4 "Tell Your Parents or Another Adult You Can Trust" -
Part 5 - Conclusion and review of the safety rules -
If you have any problems viewing the video, please contact the Cubmaster or Committee Chair.
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