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The pack has moved to a new, more user friendly awards management software.  ScoutTrack is the software used by our pack to track advancement and awards.  Each family has an account to access ScoutTrack.  This tool allows parents a way to track and update their son's awards and progress towards rank advancement.  If you are experiencing difficulty logging on, please contact your den leader.
ScoutTrack Web FAQ
Can I record part of an award's requirements, or see what has been marked as complete for my son?
  1. Login to ScoutTrack
  2. Click on the link for the rank you are updating (ie "Bobcat Trail")
  3. Click on either the specific requirement or the "quick entry" link
  4. View or update the completed requirements by clicking inside the numbered box that corresponds to the requirement
Who should be entering completed requirements?
  1. All den leaders should be updating the completed requirements for the boys in their den by the awards deadline.  This allows time for awards to be purchased in time for the upcoming pack meeting.
  2. If you notice something missing from your son's record, please talk to your den leader or the advancement coordinator.
  3. Parents do have access to update their son's advancement record on ScoutTrack.  Den leaders appreciate parent help in entering completed requirements, especially if the den is large or your son has finished up a large number of requirements at home.  Please also make sure that your son's handbook has been signed off as the handbook is the written record of completed requirements. 
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