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Volunteer Opportunities

All of these positions are "once-a-year" positions.  The time committed varies from 1 to several hours.  There are parents and other leaders in the Pack that have volunteered for these events in the past and they would make wonderful resources for information and ideas.  You WILL NOT be left alone to struggle through an event.  We have a very supportive network of leaders and parents that are willing to assist when asked. 


Each year we lose some of our experienced leadership as the next group of Webelos II graduates into Boy Scouts.  Often very committed parents and leaders leave as well.  We would like to keep Pack 104 a strong and great place to be a Cub Scout, but we can't do it without our dedicated parents.  Let’s continue the legacy that other parents have left for us through the past 40+ years that our Pack has been around.  With approximately 29 "jobs" each year and 15-20 families, stepping up for a single activity makes a HUGE difference and sets a positive example for our boys.


Positions listed in red are most in need of a volunteer.  Positions highlighted in yellow are also in need of a volunteer, but not as urgently as those in red.  Positions in green have a volunteer committed for the upcoming year. 


Registered Leadership positions – These positions are registered positions and require adults to submit a BSA Adult Leader application.  

Committee Chair – Responsible for the overall running of the pack, ensuring that the pack and dens are providing the scouting program designed by Boy Scouts of America.  While the Cubmaster is typically responsible for youth, the Committee Chair is responsible for the adults.  Complete required training within 2 months of accepting the position, and keep training up to date as required by BSA.  Ensure that all leadership positions are filled for the current scouting year, and address vacancies as they occur.  Plan and run the monthly pack committee meetings.  Oversee pack operations to ensure that Journey to Excellence goals are being met, and that the program is being run to best meet the needs of the boys. Is an authorized signer on the pack checking account, and reviews bank statements and pack financial records with the treasurer. Address any concerns brought by leaders and parents.  Maintain contact with the district through the Unit Commissioner.  Committee Chairs are encouraged to attend monthly district roundtables to hear updates from the council/district staff and receive additional information and ideas to help run a quality program. 


Committee Member (need 2, 3 are preferred) – Work with the Committee Chair and pack leadership to ensure that the pack provides the scouting program designed by Boy Scouts of America.  Complete required training within 2 months of accepting the position, and keeps training current as required by BSA.  Attend monthly committee meetings to plan pack program and address any issues or concerns as they are raised.


Treasurer – Work with the pack committee to maintain the pack finances.  Be an authorized signer on the pack checking account.  Review monthly bank statements to audit for errors.  Provide bank statements and pack accounting records for review by the pack committee.  Reimburse pack volunteers for expenses relating to pack events.  Work with the pack committee each spring to develop and approve the budget for the next scouting year.


Cubmaster – Works with Committee Chair to ensure the pack is providing the scouting program designed by Boy Scouts of America.  The Cubmaster’s focus is on running the program for the boys.  Complete all required training within 2 months of accepting the position, and keep training updated as required by BSA.  Work with Assistant Cubmaster(s) to plan and run monthly pack meetings.  Attend monthly committee meetings and work with pack committee to help plan the annual program and meet current goals of the BSA Journey to Excellence award.  Cubmasters are encouraged to attend district roundtables each month to extend training and receive ideas and updates from district staff on pack programming.  Help Committee Chair with management of pack email lists to ensure that only currently registered families are on the distribution lists.


Assistant Cubmaster (need 1, 2 preferred) - Work with Cubmaster to plan and run monthly pack meetings.  In the absence of the Cubmaster, run the pack meeting, and sit in on pack committee meetings.  Complete required training within 2 months of accepting the position, and keep training up to date as required by BSA.  Assistant Cubmasters are encouraged to attend committee meetings and district roundtables each month.


Lion Cub Coordinator ­– Attend district training in August to learn about Lion Cubs and council updates to the program.  Coordinate Lion Cub registration with the membership chair.  Plan and conduct first den meeting and Grand Adventure in October to show parents how to run the program.  Contact parents prior to events to ensure they have all the materials needed for den meetings and Grand Adventures.  Maintain required paperwork for council and work to ensure transition of Lion Cubs into Tigers in June.


Den Leader (Tiger, Wolf, Bear) – Complete required training within 2 months of accepting the position and keep training up to date as required by BSA.  Plan and conduct den meetings and outings as appropriate to each rank and outlined by the program guide designed by Boy Scouts of America.  Attend monthly committee meetings to keep Cubmaster and the pack committee updated on den progress towards rank or any issues relating to the den.  Have den prepared to participate in monthly pack meetings, and ensure that awards are submitted to the Committee Chair each month so they can be presented according to BSA guidelines.


Webelos Den Leader – In addition to den leader responsibilities listed above, the Webelos leader is responsible for coordinating Webelos Transition to Boy Scouts.  Work with Troop 510 to conduct troop visits and attend events appropriate for Webelos.  If Troop 510 is not a good match for a family, help them contact other troops in the area to arrange troop visits.  Work with the Cubmaster to plan the Webelos graduation ceremony in the spring of the boys’ fifth grade year.



Committee Positions – These positions are not registered positions, but require a slightly longer time commitment than an event coordinator position. Some of these positions are year-long while others may only require a 2-3 month commitment.


Membership & Awards Coordinator Work with the committee chair to plan and distribute recruiting materials.  Be available to welcome visiting/new scouts at each pack meeting, assist with filling out registration forms, and collect registration fees and pack dues.  Work with the treasurer to collect renewal fees at beginning at the October pack meeting.  Maintains the pack email lists for families and committee members to ensure that only current membership is on the list.  Creates awards reports each month from Den Leader reports (or online pack tracking system) and gives to the Committee Chair or Cubmaster.  Enters awards into council advancement system online.  Purchase and organize awards for the pack meeting each month.  Arrange to have den leaders and Cubmaster sign pocket cards as needed prior to each pack meeting.  Submit receipts for purchased awards to the treasurer for reimbursement.


Pack Trainer – Maintain training records for pack leadership to ensure all leaders are fully trained within two months of accepting or changing positions.  Pass along training opportunities offered by the council and district to leaders to ensure they are aware of the different opportunities (ie position training, University of Scouting, Wood Badge, etc).  Work with Committee Chair to recognize leaders at pack meetings once they are fully trained.  Work with the Cubmaster to ensure that the video “It Happened To Me” is shown to pack youth annually (typically the November pack meeting) and that the presentation is reported to the council.


Community Service Coordinator– Work with the pack committee to organize community service events such as the annual cleanup for Easter Lutheran Church and the Scouting for Food event in April.


Summer Activities Coordinator– Work with committee to organize volunteers for the pack summer activities.  Use the pack email list to send out a summer activity calendar following the May committee meeting, and to send event updates or reminders throughout the summer.  Help volunteers track activity attendance to report to the Committee Chair for tracking pack and scout Summertime Activity Awards.


Camping Chair – Work with the Cubmaster and pack committee to organize the June pack campout and to select camp dates, and advertise council camping opportunities to youth and parents (Fall Festival, Polar Cubs, Camp Akela, Navajo, Webelos Woods, etc).  Make pack reservations for camp through goscouting.org, and work with council staff to update registrations if needed.  Work with treasurer to collect camp fees from parents and make camp payments to the council.  Coordinate carpooling and camp check-in for each camp event.  Work with parents to select and register for alternate camp dates if needed.  For the June Campout, work with the committee to secure a campsite at Camp Sacejewa.  Assure that a BALOO trained adult, 2 Youth Protection trained adults, and a Hazardous Weather trained adult (one adult can have all three trainings) are available for date selected.  Submit Local Tour Permit, or work with committee chair to submit, to council at least 2 weeks in advance of the campout.  Work with the treasurer to collect event fees from families attending, and coordinate purchase of s’more ingredients prior to event.  Ensure that participants have a health history on file with the pack, and all youth (scouts and siblings) have a permission slip completed to participate.


Webmaster - Maintain the pack website to ensure information is accurate and up to date.  Maintains the pack photography permission slips to ensure permission to post photos of events online and at pack activities is secured annually.  Ensure that all information posted online does not include scout names (ie, list pinewood derby results by car number). 


Events – These are one- time events that need a volunteer to coordinate. These events are typically less time consuming and a great way to serve the pack on a short-term basis. Most of these positions require less than a two month commitment.

Fall Open House/School Night For Scouting Event– Held in August and September.  Work with committee chair and Cubmaster to attend the Thomas Lake Back to School Night in August.  Hand out information to interested families with details about the pack meeting and Cub Scouts.  Coordinate the School Night for Scouting Event, generally in mid-September. Using the interest form completed at the Back to School Night, follow-up with families who do not attend SNFS.  Work with the Membership chair to assist new families in completing paperwork and paying registration fees and dues at the pack meeting.  Coordinate volunteers to purchase and serve rootbeer floats or another treat following the pack meeting/joining event.


Fall/Winter Family Fun Day – Work with the committee to select a date for the event.  This event is held in October or November, and is in addition to the pack meeting.  Ideas include reserving a park space for a day of games/hikes/campfire, or a trip to an apple orchard/corn maze.  Request fire marshals from Troop 510 if needed.  Work with pack treasurer to sign-up families and collect event fee prior to the event.  Work with committee and Webelos II parents to determine if the Webelos den will be providing the meal, or if families will bring their own supper and have the Webelos provide dessert. 


Friends of Scouting (FoS) – Attend the FoS training that is held by the district (typically the 2nd Thursday in October).  Either present the Friends of Scouting campaign to the pack, or arrange for a district presenter to make the presentation at the November pack meeting.  Using the cards provided at the training, contact every family in the pack to complete their donation cards.  Cards need to be signed even if no donation is made, and donation levels are kept confidential.  Update pack committee on overall progress towards FoS goals, and work with district FoS coordinator to complete paperwork, return cards, and make donor gift and patch presentations to the pack.  Work with Cubmaster to ensure that all boys receive pinewood derby cars if that goal was met the previous year.


Pinewood Derby – This event is held in January and is a joint race between Pack 104 and Pack 441.  In the fall, coordinate the race date and location with Pack 441.  If our pack will be reserving space, contact ISD 196 to reserve an elementary gym (typically Thomas Lake or Oakridge). Work with the Cubmaster and Committee Chair to announce race information, current council rules, and any car workshops that will be held by the district to the pack.  In December, order trophies from The Trophy House in Burnsville for the top 5 finishers.  Have a sign-up sheet at the December pack meeting for race day volunteers to help setup and run the race.  Invite Troop 510 to run games during check-in and assist with the race as needed (Boy Scouts are invited to build a car to race in the “Masters Division”).  The Committee Chair typically runs the “Time Program” and maintains the official race results.  In January, confirm details with Pack 441 and inspect track for any needed repairs.  Develop certificates for awards based on car designs and have them signed by the Cubmaster prior to race day.  After the event ensure that winners are notified of the district race and the Committee Chair knows who is storing the track over the year.


Blue and Gold Banquet Coordinator – Work with the treasurer to sign up families and collect event fees for attendance to the pack Blue and Gold banquet in February.  Work with the committee chair and Cubmaster to assure that a location is reserved, graduation is scripted, and materials are purchased for transitioning Webelos.  Place the order for dinner ingredients and a pack cake, and assure that food is scheduled for delivery to banquet.  Coordinate volunteers to set-up, serve meals, and clean-up the space following the event.


Fall Popcorn “Kernal” – The fall popcorn sale is our only fall fundraiser.  Attend popcorn training held in August and January, training helps you coordinate a better sale and provides the pack with additional commission on the sale!  Work with the committee to determine if the pack will participate in show & deliver, or just the take order sale.  If desired a storefront sale can be setup over a weekend.  Present the popcorn sale information to the pack and distribute order forms.  Place product orders and arrange for pickup as needed for the sales.  Maintain all popcorn records for the sale (scout order forms, show & deliver receipts, council invoices, etc).  Arrange purchase and presentation of scout awards at the pack meeting following the sale.  Communicate individual scout sales with the treasurer for determining scout “activity fund” awards based on sales.


Spring Fundraising Coordinator – Work with the pack committee to select a fundraising option.  Coordinate and encourage family participation in the fundraiser.  Be available for the fundraising weekend in the spring and/or fall to assist families and make sure the fundraiser is properly staffed. 


Rank Graduation – Work with the pack committee to secure a location for rank graduation.  Place the cake order, and work with Cubmaster to make sure utensils are available or purchased for the event.  Work with the awards chair to purchase Wolf neckerchiefs and slides for graduating Tiger Cubs.  Work with the Lion coordinator to make sure Lion parents have purchased the Cub Scout uniform for their Tigers.  Assure that committee chair, Cubmaster, and Assistant Cubmaster have a script for graduation.  Coordinate volunteers to set-up, serve cake, and clean-up space following the event.


Pack Swim Coordinator- Work with pack committee to select a date and facility for the family swim day.  This has historically been held at an ISD 196 open swim in the spring or an outdoor pool in the late summer, and is a family event (parents, siblings, ect are invited).  If using an outdoor pool, Cascade Bay would require advance notice, while Apple Valley Family Aquatic Center or the Apple Valley Redwood Pool does not.  Have a way for parents to RSVP so we know how many people to expect, collect fees in advance (if using Cascade Bay).  Arrange a meeting location at the pool, and ensure that a “Safe Swim Defense” trained adult will be in attendance at the event.  Parents MUST attend this event with their child!