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Volunteer Opportunities

All of these positions are "once-a-year" positions.  The time committed varies from 1 to several hours.  There are parents and other leaders in the Pack that have volunteered for these events in the past and they would make wonderful resources for information and ideas.  You WILL NOT be left alone to struggle through an event.  We have a very supportive network of leaders and parents that are willing to assist when asked!


Each year we lose some of our experienced leadership as the next group of Webelos II graduates into Boy Scouts.  Often times, very committed parents and leaders leave as well.  We would like to keep Pack 104 a strong and great place to be a Cub Scout, but we can't do it without our dedicated parents.  Let’s continue the legacy that other parents have left for us through the past 40+ years that our Pack has been around.  With approximately 29 "jobs" each year and 15-20 families, stepping up for a single activity makes a HUGE difference and sets a positive example for our boys.

Registered Leadership Positions

These positions are registered positions and require adults to submit a BSA Adult Leader application.

Committee Chair - Oversees running of the pack, ensuring that the pack and dens are providing a quality program. While the Cubmaster is typically responsible for youth, the Committee Chair is responsible for the adults.

Committee Member (need 2, 3 are preferred) - Work with the Committee Chair and pack leadership to ensure that the pack provides the scouting program designed by Boy Scouts of America.

Treasurer - Work with the pack committee to maintain the pack finances.

Cubmaster - Works with Committee Chair to ensure the pack is providing the scouting program designed by Boy Scouts of America. The Cubmaster´s focus is on running the program for the boys. Complete all required training within 2 months of accepting the position, and keep training updated as required by BSA. Work with Assistant Cubmaster(s) to plan and run monthly pack meetings. Attend monthly committee meetings and work with pack committee to help plan the annual program and meet current goals of the BSA Journey to Excellence award. Cubmasters are encouraged to attend district roundtables each month to extend training and receive ideas and updates from district staff on pack programming.

Assistant Cubmaster (need 1, 2 preferred) - Work with Cubmaster to plan and run monthly pack meetings. Assistant Cubmasters are encouraged to attend committee meetings each month.

Lion Cub Coordinator -Coordinate Lion Cub registration with the membership chair. Plan and conduct first den meeting and Grand Adventure in October to show parents how to run the program.

Den Leader (Tiger, Wolf, Bear) - Plan and conduct den meetings and outings as appropriate to each rank and outlined by the program guide designed by Boy Scouts of America.

Webelos Den Leader - Plan and conduct den meetings and outings as appropriate. Webelos leader is also responsible for coordinating Webelos Transition to Boy Scouts.

Committee Positions

These positions are not registered positions, but require a slightly longer time commitment than an event coordinator position. Some of these positions are year-long while others may only require a 2-3 month commitment.

Membership & Awards Coordinator - Work with the committee chair to plan and distribute recruiting materials. Be available to welcome visiting/new scouts at each pack meeting and assist with registration forms.

Pack Trainer - Maintain training records for pack leadership to ensure all leaders are fully trained within two months of accepting or changing positions. Community Service Coordinator- Work with the pack committee to organize community service events such as the annual cleanup for Easter Lutheran Church and the Scouting for Food event in April. Summer Activities Coordinator- Work with committee to organize volunteers for the pack summer activities.

Camping Chair - Work with the Cubmaster and pack committee to organize the June pack campout and to select camp dates, and advertise council camping opportunities to youth and parents.

Webmaster - Maintain the pack website to ensure information is accurate and up to date.

Events - These are one- time events that need a volunteer to coordinate. These events are typically less time consuming and a great way to serve the pack on a short-term basis. Most of these positions require less than a two month commitment.

Fall Open House/School Night for Scouting Event- Held in August and September. Work with committee chair and Cubmaster to attend the Thomas Lake Back to School Night in August. Hand out information to interested families with details about the pack meeting and Cub Scouts. Coordinate the School Night for Scouting Event, generally in mid-September.

Fall/Winter Family Fun Day - Work with the committee to select a date for the event. This event is held in October or November, and is in addition to the pack meeting.

Friends of Scouting (FoS) - Present the Friends of Scouting campaign to the pack, or arrange for a district presenter to make the presentation at the November pack meeting.

Pinewood Derby -Work with the Cubmaster and Committee Chair to announce race information, current council rules, and any car workshops that will be held by the district to the pack. Coordinate location and race day activities, load/maintain derby software, track race progress, etc.

Blue and Gold Banquet Coordinator - Work with the committee chair and Cubmaster to assure that a location is reserved. Coordinate volunteers to set-up, serve meals, and clean-up the space following the event.

Fall Popcorn "Kernal" - The fall popcorn sale is our only fall fundraiser. Present the popcorn sale information to the pack and distribute order forms. Place product orders and arrange for pickup as needed for the sales.

Spring Fundraising Coordinator - Work with the pack committee to select a fundraising option. Coordinate and encourage family participation in the fundraiser. Be available for the fundraising weekend in the spring and/or fall to assist families and make sure the fundraiser is properly staffed.

Rank Graduation - Work with the pack committee to secure a location for rank graduation. Coordinate volunteers to set-up; serve cake, and clean-up space following the event.

Pack Swim Coordinator- Work with pack committee to select a date and facility for the family swim day.