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Internet Guidelines

Pack 104 has two sets of guidelines regarding internet use by pack leadership for communication online.  These guidelines have been established for the safety of our youth and volunteers.
Email Distribution List
The pack maintains an email distribution list through Google Groups.  The pack's Google Group list is used by pack leaders and event volunteers to keep families notified of announcements and upcoming events.  Membership on the list is limited to families who are currently registered with the pack. 
The Pack Committee has set the following guidelines for posting on the pack Google Group list:
  • Email sent through the Google Group list is limited to Cub Scout related information. 
  • The list is not to be used for advertising or promoting activities not relevant to the pack membership.
  • Scout names should not be used in electronic communication.
Pack Website
The pack maintains a public website that hosts information on pack and den activities.  The purpose of this site is to provide a resource for current families to keep up to date on pack and den events, and to provide an easy tool for families interested in scouting to find out more about our pack.
The Pack Committee has set the following guidelines for posting on the pack and den pages:
  • Scout names cannot posted online.
    • If leaders need to post identifying information, initials can be used.  Examples of a situation where initials would be useful are derby results, or progress towards rank advancement.
  • Den rosters cannot be posted online, but can be distributed to the members of the den via email.
  • Photography permission slips must be completed prior to posting photos of youth and/or their families online.
    • The Committee Chair maintains a binder of the photography permission slips.
  • Volunteer phone numbers and email addresses are only posted at the request of the volunteer.