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Raingutter Regatta

What is a Raingutter Regatta?

This is a similar event to the Pinewood Derby, but MUCH easier.  Scouts begin with a kit similar to the Pinewood Derby kit.  Inside each kit is a flier with information on length and how to assemble your boat.  The pack uses an inflatable raceway rather than traditional raingutters.  Scouts propell their boat down the track by blowing on the sail.  If a boat tips, ONLY a race official may upright the boat.  Once a scout places their boat at the starting line, they are not able to touch it until the heat is over.


How are races run?

Racers will be randomly paired up for the first round.  Each heat will consist of two races, one down each raingutter.  In the event of a tie, a coin toss will be used to determine track sides for a third race to determine the winner.  Winning racers advance to the next round until we reach the final race.  We will decide whether races will be held by dens, or as a pack, based on the number of participants.


How big or small can I make my boat?  What materials can I use?

Have fun and use your imagination when designing your boat, but remember that it must be made from the official BSA Regatta Kit.  The boat should use every part from the BSA kit.  You need to use the keel and rudder that were supplied.  The hull of the boat can be no longer than 7" and no shorter than 6 1/2".  The mast must be 6 1/2" from the deck to the top.  You must use the sail provided in the kit.  You may trim the sail if needed, but it cannot be folded.  Please put your name somewhere on the lower part of your sail.
One trick that we have learned to help with the sails is to tack them down to the boat.  This is done by attaching a thread to the lower corners of the sail and pulling them back.  The threads are then tied to a straight pin that is inserted in the middle rear of the boat.  This helps keep the sail from touching the sides of the raingutter as well as providing stabilization of the sail as it catches the air.

Additional parts, decals, paint and glue are permitted.  Only the keel and rudder supplied in the kit may be placed below the water line.  The keel and rudder may be placed anywhere on the boat as long as they do not cause the length of the boat to exceed 7 inches.  Modification above the waterline for creative and decorative purposes are permitted as long as they are securely glued or fastened to the boat and do not alter the sail performance.


Which Raingutter Regatta Kit do we use?

There are two kits available at the Scout Shops.  We do not have experience with the standard kit verses the trimaran kit.  To keep things even this year, we are racing the original Raingutter Regatta kits.  We will evaluate the new trimarans over the next year before deciding whether to allow them in future races.