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Speed Tips

Are you looking for ways to make your car go faster? 
This year's speed tip is....extend your wheel base, and have polished axels and smooth tires.  You cannot sand your tires extra thin, but you can buff them to remove any bumps from the manufacturing process.  Smooth tires are fast tires.  You can find axel polishing kits at the scout shops or some of the local hobby shops.  Don't forget to lubricate your axels and wheels to make them run even faster!
More tips can be found in the book Pinewood Derby Speed Secrets by David Meade.  If you need a design idea, check out Pinewood Derby Designs & Patterns by Troy Thorne.  These books are available at the scout shops, and can also be checked out from the Dakota County Library.
With a parent's permission and assistance, you can search the web for "pinewood derby speed tips" or "pinewood derby speed secrets" to find pages with pinewood derby resources.  Just remember to make sure your car still follows the council, district, and pack pinewood derby rules.
Pinewood Derby workshops are being hosted by PWD Racing in Rosemount this year.  These workshops are staffed by Chief Black Dog volunteers and are a great resource both for building and tuning your car.  More information and workshop dates are listed on the attachment below. 
Anna-Marie Rieffer,
Jan 14, 2011, 1:33 PM