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Pinewood Derby

The Pack 104 Pinewood Derby race is typically held at the first pack meeting in March. 
Pinewood Derby building and tuning workshops are again being offered by PWD Racing in Rosemount.  More information on the workshop and cost can be found on the PWD Racing website.  Please review the rules at the bottom of this page to make sure your car meets all rules as posted for this year.

Families start the check-in process at the registration table.  Friends of Scouting pledge cards, Polar Cub fees, Blue and Gold reservations and Camp Akela/Navajo deposits are due at Pinewood Derby.  You may use activity funds earned during the popcorn sale towards any of these fees.  Once your scouting fees are current, you will receive your son's Pinewood Derby patch.  This patch serves as your "entrance ticket" and must be shown to the race officials in order to have your car weighed and checked-in for the race.
The pack scale will be available at the February den meetings for pre-race weight checks.  While the scale is the same one used on race day, pre-weight checks are not considered official weights for entry.  On race day, cars will be weighed at check-in on the pack scale to determine "race day weight".  Scouts will have the opportunity to adjust the weight of their car if needed.  It is highly recommended that you bring extra weight and/or coins in the event that your car is under the 5oz limit. 
Please remember that all cars must be LEAD FREE and follow the rules published by Chief Black Dog district and Northern Star Council.  Weights must be securely attached to your vehicle.  If you use putty type weight, it needs to be secured to the top or inside your car.  Putty is not allowed on the bottom of the vehicle.  In addition, our pack requires that a quarter sized space on the bottom of the car remain unfinished (this includes sanding) to be dated by race officials. must create a new car each year that you race. 
When checking vehicle clearance keep in mind that race officials check the clearance from the lowest point of your car.  This includes weights that are attached to the bottom of the vehicles.  Following the clearance requirements helps protect the track, and also ensures that your car will glide smoothly to the finish line.
We welcome siblings to create cars to be raced in our open division race, and encourage parents to create a car for entry in the master's division race.  Scouts learn great tips and tricks by building their car alongside you.  Who will have the faster car, you or your son?
Scouts who qualify will advance to the Chief Black Dog District Pinewood Derby that will be held in April.

Anna-Marie Rieffer,
Jan 9, 2017, 7:25 PM